Dave Bendit

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I've been looking on and off for the last year to get a hardwire ethernet run across my drywalled, finished basement. When I first moved in, I had one electrician no-show, one show up and never send me a quote, and one that did send me a quote, but for about twice what I was expecting, and I'd still have to terminate and test all the runs. I was discouraged, so I lived with WiFi for the last year.

A few weeks ago, I decided to dig into the problem again. I reached out to a well-regarded Madison security and automation company, and after a week of no response, I reached out to a local Facebook group for recommendations. Aptus was recommended, so I called the number and explained what I was looking for.

Chris got back to me right away, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and worked to get things taken care of in days, rather than weeks or months. He was extremely responsive and flexible through the whole estimation and planning process.

I ended up finding an alternative solution to my issues, but if I ever do plan to go back and wire the house up (or if I need security or automation tech installed beyond my own availabilities), I'll be reaching out to Chris again for help.