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Smart Home Automation in Construction

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There are some big opportunities to start installing Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home products.

Today, I want to talk a little more about what types of day-to-day roles are typically associated with working in the smart home space.

Most of it is quite similar to what you may be doing at the moment, in terms of traveling to a customer’s home or build site.

The key difference is that you will be installing new types of products ranging from smart bulbs and hubs to smart thermostats, smart alarms, smart speakers, wireless multi-room music systems, and so on…

Next-generation installers are expected to ask lifestyle questions while in the home to suggest additional products and services to enhance the customer experience. 

You will of course need to be in a position to provide technical advice and assistance to customers. 

Here are some of the smart home install projects that you could be working on; if you do decide to enter the smart home industry:

[+] – Advising your clients how to wire their homes.

[+] – Retrofitting various types of Smart Home and IoT devices.

[+] – Installing smart thermostats to increase your customer’s comfort levels.

[+] – Installing various types of lighting control and smart bulb products.

[+] – Configuring and setting up smart alarm and leak detection products.

[+] – Setting up multi-room music systems.

[+] – Getting IP cameras up and running.

[+] – Helping to install various types of smart TV and entertainment systems.

The above job roles are ideal for those of you with a background in the alarm/electrical and IT installations.

Aptus eliminates the need to know how to do all this.  Contact us today to see us in action on any future project you might have.