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Introducing the "SmartConnect Builder Boost" Program

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Hello, fellow smart technology enthusiasts!

Today, We are excited to share with you our latest initiative at Aptus - the "SmartConnect Builder Boost" program. As our business thrives on connecting smart devices in residential and commercial environments, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to bring security, comfort, and efficiency to homes and businesses.

The SmartConnect Builder Boost program is designed to forge strong partnerships with builders across the state of Wisconsin. We understand the importance of creating lasting relationships with builders to ensure that our smart devices seamlessly integrate into their projects, providing their clients with a cutting-edge, smartly connected experience.

Our approach begins with a carefully crafted sequence tailored to suit the preferences of modern builders. We start by reaching out through LinkedIn, opening the doors to an exciting world of smart possibilities. Next, we follow up with an automated email that dives deeper into the array of services we offer at Aptus. From there, we make our presence felt on social media, sharing informative posts that spark curiosity and generate interest in our solutions.

To stay in the loop, builders are invited to subscribe to our newsletter, ensuring they receive regular updates and insights on the latest advancements in smart technology. We understand that personal connections matter, and so, a call or final email is made to engage in a meaningful conversation and address any specific queries or concerns they may have.

Already, our approach has yielded promising results. We successfully initiated conversations with ten new builders in Wisconsin by sending out a sequence of engaging mailers to over 100 builders. The feedback has been overwhelming, and we are eager to build upon this momentum.

Our program offers four attractive packages for builders to extend to their clients. Starting with the beginner package, which integrates seamlessly into the builder's finance package, we continue to highlight more advanced packages, catering to diverse needs and preferences. We firmly believe that by empowering builders with our smart solutions, they can create truly intelligent, profitable residential buildings.

One aspect that we are particularly excited about is the focus on security systems. Not only do our devices provide unparalleled security, but they also have the potential to lower property insurance rates, giving builders and their clients even more reasons to embrace the future of smart living.

So, if you are a builder in Wisconsin looking to bring cutting-edge technology and unparalleled convenience to your clients, the SmartConnect Builder Boost program is the perfect opportunity to collaborate with us at Aptus. Together, let's redefine smart living and shape a future that is secure, comfortable, and efficient.