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Smart Technology- Looking Forward To 2023 And Beyond?

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Aptus means connected in Latin, which we have been doing for the past twelve months at a blistering pace. At Aptus we have helped integrate over thirty new homes this year with the latest smart and automated technology.

Our projects have ranged from installing one doorbell to integrating fully loaded homes with Golf simulators and theatre rooms. We gained traction in the market by combining automation and entertainment into one App for customers to enjoy convenience without needing constant maintenance.

Our goal for the next twelve months is to advance integration knowledge to commercial as we expect fifty percent of our new business to come from the commercial sector. Our residential clients will also benefit from the awareness of integrating all devices.

Therefore, going forward into 2023, we aim to stay up to date with the latest smart technology trends and make predictions so our customers can make informed decisions about smart products. Read on to learn our predictions for the new year.

1. It really does MATTER!
MATTER will be a word you hear more often, as it will revolutionize the full capabilities of residential and commercial automation projects. DIY may appear straightforward, but it makes the selection of the products a bit riskier. Therefore, let the pros design your system and see if your Integrator will allow you to learn how to DIY an existing solid base design.

Consumers will become far more aware of functional devices by doing copious research but will need assistance to design the perfect plan. MATTER will also help, but it will complicate the design. Our tip is to look for outsourced designs of whole home automation that have in-depth planning and ensure more efficiency.

2. Single Platform Systems
In the coming year, we see consumers looking to advance their homes or offices by selecting automated devices. Replacing any existing electrical system will be the deciding factor when deciding whether to automate your home or office.

Therefore, before selecting devices that you want to work like normal, please look into the option to smarten as a priority. With more opportunities to smarten comes more choices, which tends to lead to more mistakes.

It’s a complicated world out there, and sticking to one platform is difficult, but with the right design and plan, the proper conception will follow. Therefore, Consumers will need help from an integrator with the intent to make it easier. So do your due diligence and let a professional integrator design and build what you want by outsourcing it.

3. Consumers may give up
Integration is an investment. Therefore, your home or office will work for you if you invest correctly. However, if expensive mistakes get made and the system requires greater efficiencies to provide value, you may decide not to join the smart movement anytime soon.

4. Support will be challenging to find
As integrations increase, the need for support will also need to increase. Large market companies like Google and Amazon will feel forced to decrease their support. Smaller Integrators like us will be the go-between and provide better support than customers are experiencing now. It will significantly benefit our customers as the business model is based on service and support, which is where we excel.

5. Prices will continue to drop for automation devices
At first roll-out, devices will be more costly, but as time goes on and technology increases, their cost will decrease, making it much more affordable. It will be the year that you can afford to purchase the devices that will lead to efficiency. Put them all together, and you’ll have a smart house at a moderate cost. We have seen $8000 whole home transitions that used to get priced in the $15000 range. We expect in the next year that, you could obtain a smart home for under $5000.

Bottom Line
While it may look like devices from different platforms can work with all others, there is still much organizing that needs to happen before selecting and installing devices. The selection of products is the most critical element in designing a solid platform for automation. With so many choices claiming to all work, end users have a challenging game of narrowing down one App for full functionality.

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