Top 5 Smart Devices you can Gift or use for Security

  • Smart Bulbs and seasonal light strings can make it very easy but not very cost effective
  • Motion is everything.  But don’t get just a motion sensor.  Get a 6-in-1 sensor to read motion, humidity, temperature, light lux, UV and vibration sensor. In the advanced stages of home automation we use these to control the lighting, the window coverings, the thermostat and tampering
  • Get a smart video doorbell and record upon motion
  • Use scheduled lights. External outlets are the easiest and you don’t need an electrician.  Switches are the best but you need an Electrician. Once paired with motion sensors or cameras we can automate lighting to go on or off based on motion
  • Cameras with motion detectors, lights and sirens are the best deterrence

While all these devices will assist in the event you want to track, no system is guaranteed.  You can improve your security by combining all these devices.  That’s when we want your calls. Aptus is accepting Christmas consults at 608.291.4501 this year.  Call us to get your security or gifted security started on the right track!

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