Smart faucet

Smart faucets have intelligent features like voice control, digital displays, and thermometers. While some growth is due to COVID-19, interest in smart faucets has been steadily rising since August 2019, which pre-dates the pandemic. Likely due to the fact that smart faucets help people to track their water consumption and reduce their overall water usage.

Some smart faucets can even preheat water, so that water isn’t wasted while the faucet runs water to heat up.  87% of people now claim to make an effort to live an eco-friendly lifestyle (Southern Cross University). Which is one reason MarketWatch forecasts the global smart faucet market to rise from $273.4M today to $443.9M by 2027.

What’s next:

Smart faucets are part of the Smart Home meta trend. 60% of individuals now have 6+ smart home devices.  A ValuePenguin industry study shows there’s a strong correlation between individuals’ climate concerns and interest in smart home equipment.  As a result, everything that can be, is being made “smart”: smart doorbells (+153% search growth), smart light bulbs (+61%), smart coffee makers (+675%), smart ovens (+48%), and smart grills (+104%). And more fast growing smart home brands include Vera (smart security devices), Sense-U (smart baby monitors), and Geeni (smart everything).

Make sure you check in with the experts to maximize the environmental benefits of smart devices.