Break ins and burglaries raise an eye

If you live in the Madison area, you may have heard of the recent break-ins, burglaries, and vandalism in our area. There’s a solution, but first there is a story. I want to tell you how Aptus got its start. We offer not only convenience but also security to homeowners.

The Xanadu 2.0 Vision

Believe it or not, Bill Gates was our initial motivation to offer home automation services. In 1988, Bill and Melinda Gates built Xanadu 2.0, their technologically advanced home on the shores of Lake Washington in Medina, WA. Back then, Bill and Melinda sported lanyards recognized by their home automation system. These lanyards customized the room with programmed ambiance. Bill walked into a room, and the lights dimmed to 92 percent. His favorite music turned on automatically, and the thermostat adjusted to his preferred 68-degree temperature. When Melinda walked into a room, custom settings kicked in for her. Exceptionally smart.

Hitting a little closer to home

Xanadu 2.0 presented the Aptus dream. But it took many years and a family member illness to realize the importance of home automation. Beyond convenience, automation is key to sustainability. We help our elder generation remain safely in their homes for longer. In my case, I had to decide whether to keep a parent living at home, or look into more advanced levels of care. With a few simple home automation improvements – automated light fixtures, smart thermostat, security systems, AI, and more – my parents now live in a safer and more efficient home.

Pivot to security

Aptus began with a focus on entertainment, novelties, and convenience. But we quickly realized home automation could be life-changing. COVID-19 has caused many business models to pivot, and we are no exception. Aptus connected with local Realtors. We began partnering with many well-known Builders in Wisconsin. The focus on security automation grew. With real time data and visuals in the hands of homeowners, they no longer need monitored services. Security Automation is now a featured product and service for Aptus. If you are worried at night (or worse, during the day) about your security, let’s talk. A simple consult could solve your security problems. We can also connect you with Builders using these services if you plan to remodel or build a new home.

The road ahead

Aptus intends to grow organically. We train Technicians to handle all aspects of the business. Our goal is to match a Technician with you from start to finish of your home automation project. We use a 7-step training program to make sure every Aptus Technician is armed with the right skills and knowledge. The outcome? Complete client satisfaction. We are licensed and bonded and ready for your business. We can simply install a smart doorbell, or design or a whole home automation system. Whether you are interested in our services as a client or want to try your home automation talents as a Technician, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us today at 608.291.4501.