Hello, Ring, Arlo, Lorex, Wyze, August, Gate Labs

If you have researched the smart doorbell options, you may have stumbled across some of these names.  Some are really expensive doorbells while some have more functionality than a security camera.  As a result, your research could take months to select the perfect smart doorbell for your home. While all of these can track via video and audio who is at your door some will make more sense for you.

How do you start?

A very trusted source here can help you decide what direction to go but wait! There is so much more to buying a smart doorbell than who has been listed as the top source.  While all the smart doorbells might perform about the same function you need to look at your entire IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem.  Trust our professional consultants to guide you through the process.  Our consultation is free with the purchase of your discounted equipment, installation, setup and education fees.  The only favor we ask is that you share your opinion regarding what overall system  you already have or like best.

What else can a smart doorbell provide?

Security and evidence!  It happened to me about a month ago.  My vehicle was parked in front of a clients house who brilliantly had a Ring smart doorbell.  See the video and make sure you subscribe to the Aptus channel for future information regarding smart home technology.  You tell me if the suspect was opting to flee or not.  As a result, the Ring doorbell had successfully captured the entire incident.  We turned it in to insurance and they did what they do best…handled everything.   A smart doorbell that my client paid less than $300 for saved me $2300.  If that isn’t justification to get one in now, I don’t know what is.

Contact us today to receive information and an estimate to smarten your doorbell.  Chances are you even get an insurance break should you be able to show proof you have the doorbell installed and operational.


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A special thanks to @robertcopley84 for allowing me to post the video and thank you for your continued business!