Let’s prepare and keep it simple…12 Tips rapid fire

If you need help with any please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.  We are healthy and ready to help!

1.  Great Internet Connection

Mesh is what’s in and it’s solid.  We highly recommend any Mesh system but make sure it’s Z-Wave Compatible too.

2. Dedicated Space

Let the space just be for the user and make sure family members know when working hours are.  Work with family members to establish “one busy, all busy”…schedule them to work when you are working.

3.  Take Steps to not be interrupted

It’s plain and simple but also just be nice about it.  Use technology to “book out” time and stick to it.

4.  Meetings

Use the resources you have online to have free meetings.  There are plenty available and while they may gather some information on you, it’s free.

5. Instant Messaging

Use it and you will improve efficiencies at home.

6. Headphones

Eliminate distractions and distractions for others by using these.

7.  Calendars

Open up and share your calendars with all who could be involved with you.

8.  Security

Stay secure or get more secure.  Hackers are not going to stop, rather they will increase with the increased vulnerability.

9. The Little Things

They count and add up.  Bluetooth or cell phone holder is essential to keep the phone completely off your ear.  Power strips or surge protectors so you have available outlets to plug other items in to it.

10. Second Screen

It sounds luxurious and it really is.  A second screen can increase your productivity if used properly.  Use an old tv, consolidate your computers down to one area and allow everyone to use dual screens when scheduled, buy a monitor for around $100.

11. Free Phone calls

Many different ways to do this, WiFi calling is the easiest but make sure it is turned on.  If you have WiFi calling and it’s consistent you could even shut off Cellular.

12.  The desire to work

Make it seem realistic.  Don’t get in formal business attire but act like you are going to an office day at work.  Schedule your work, social time, breaks, lunches…everything.


You will find success and we hope these tips help! Text us, your name to 608.291.4501 with a chance to win a new monitor. for that second screen.  Good luck!