Both lights and switches are a terrific, energy efficient way to enter the kingdom of smart homes.  Both can be controlled from voice or App but which one is better?

Smart Lights

Benefits – Inexpensive, beneficial for those that are in rentals or smaller homes, pretty much plug and play, ability for multiple colors

Negatives-Physical switch needs to be on all the time. Some need their own HUB.  Not always smart and can be difficult to use when piecing many smart home operations in place.  Don’t accommodate all bulb locations.  Once bulb burn out you have to replace.

Smart Switches

Benefits – Less expensive if you have a larger home.  No learning curve or education needed.  It’s a physical switch so no need to use voice commands.  It’s there for life really.

Negatives – Installation and having to deal with high voltage wiring…read between the lines on this one… schedule with Aptus and you’ll get consultation, installation and education.

Smart Summary

Smart lights should be used when renting, as it may be your only option. When paired with a dimmer remote you can achieve all the functionality that you need. Use them in lamps or light fixtures that are plugged in to an outlet. When you want color this is a great option as well.

Smart switches can be used just about anywhere else. All lights that you turn on and off with a wall switch are ideal to be controlled by a smart switch. Particularly ceiling lights, chandeliers, and other light fixtures in your home.

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