Easy Button

Do you remember the Staples “Easy” button?  We remember it as being what it was intended for…gimmicky.  Because buttons have a whole new meaning we need to understand them.  Simply put buttons can run your entire smart home used in times that you can’t speak to AI.


These little, smart devices are mobile and meant to be placed all around your house to provide for an action or actions.  Let’s say you go to bed and one of your buttons on your nightstand is programmed (Aptus can help you) to start the dishwasher, shut off all indoor lights, turn on exterior lights, turn heat to desired sleeping temperature and close all main level blinds with the push of the button!  That’s where buttons have surpassed the gimmicky functions of the past!


There are also wall mounted switches that perform the same functions as the custom buttons.  These attractive wall mount units are meant to be placed inside your smart home at locations of easy access.  Therefore they could serve as your security system panel while showing daily schedules and alerting you to next events on the calendar.  Simply stated they put your smart home to work for you and increase your access to your life.

What should you do?

With all this confusion and how to set up who can you turn to?  Because we specialize in this you really should contact us today to see how we can help.  There are over 10,000 buttons to choose from on a site like Amazon therefore let us guide you to decide if you need a HUB, if you can create routines, to make sure it’s compatible with your current smart home ecosystem.

Aptus Cares!