Maybe a little dry here but you need to know this.  The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) assists consumers with how businesses collect people’s personal data and the privacy of that data. This gives California residents a new, expanded definition of what is personal information, new data privacy rights, rules about the use of minors’ personal information, and a penalty framework for those companies who fail to implement CCPA or maintain reasonable privacy and data security procedures and practices for prevention of data breaches.

The 6 elements the CCPA gives to Californians are Disclose, Deletion, Access, Opt-out, Non-discrimination and Kids Opt In.  In short your privacy and information returns to being your information.  You have the right to ask them what information is collected and sold and you can tell them what information you want retained or deleted.

How does this affect non-Californians?

It will be close to impossible to distinguish California residents from those of the other 49 States. When you contact to question or request many companies will have no choice but to comply, in order to avoid penalties and poor Public Relations.

CCAP will be something that agents, brokerages and real estate technology companies will need to address at some level.  The action on this Act started January 1st so we will see what it will become.