Night vision is good, but proper lighting is better

We want to be able to see in the dark and we really want to be able to see in the dark when you need to. Light switches aren’t always handy.  What to do?

Smart switches, motion sensors and cameras can make your exterior lighting a breeze. All kinds of scenes can be setup for “if/when” events. One of the most practical examples is to schedule your smart switch.  Simple and effective. These schedules you create run off of the hub that is hosting the device and they will automatically change upon Daylight Saving times.  No manual changes needed.

The Key is in the setup

If you don’t configure your home correct from the start, it will not automatically adjust for Daylight saving time.  If you are not sure why we are in this predicament let me fill in all those that don’t have smart exterior lights.  With home automation we can now install a simple switch to control any exterior lights or group of lights.  That means every morning when you say hello to Google or Alexa or Siri(the list goes on) and it’s dark out, the exterior lights will go on.  You can then schedule them to turn off after sunrise.  Same approach at night.  Now if setup properly you won’t have to adjust these settings to change with Daylight Saving time.

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