We see so many people make assumptions about smart home devices. So today we want to clear up four of the biggest myths and misunderstandings I see floating around.   

Myth #1: Incorporating a Full Smart Home System, into a House Requires A Significant Upfront Investment!

There is a perception out there that ‘fancy’ smart home automation systems cost a fortune, where these systems are very affordable and can in fact save you money. Furthermore, most Smart Home Automation products do not require professional installation. Low-cost products based on mature technologies such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, INSTEON, and Wi-Fi have eliminated the pre-requisite of re-wiring a house to install an automation system. Once installed and configured a smart home system helps you to save on your monthly electricity, gas, and water bills!

Myth #2: Smart Home Automation Products Are Difficult to Use

It is true to say that many smart home automation products released in the early years were buggy, technically complex, and required an IT savvy person to run daily. The truth nowadays is that most, if not all, smart home automation products provide easy control of all your lights, heating, security, and entertainment systems via a tablet, phone, smart speaker, or PC. Once www.aptuswi.com perfects the install, setup and education, you can control almost anything in your house.

Myth #3: Smart House Automation Is Confined to The Wealthy and Affluent in Society

It is embellished in most people’s minds that smart house automation is not affordable and only available to ‘rich’ people in our society. The truth is that major service providers are reselling affordable smart house control and alarm subscription products to their existing base of customers. So smart home automation is in fact becoming a mainstream solution and no longer is home automation confined to the privileged in society! See here what our customers have to say about this.

Myth #4: Smart Home Automation is a Solution Looking for a Problem

It is true today that the initial iteration of home automation available to consumers in the nineties and 2000’s were often installed as a nice to have but did ‘Not Solve’ any specific problem. Not so anymore, people are using next-generation Smart house devices to solve two specific real-life problems:

  • Reducing their monthly electricity, heating, and cooling bills.
  • Improving security levels of their family homes.

Is smart home automation perfect? Of course, not – but it’s transformative in ways that we manage our homes. Although myths will always be with us, I fail to see the downside of Home Automation if it helps to cut my monthly bills and helps to make my family more secure.

Avoid the myths and book with us now!