Stay in touch while being apart

With so many video conferencing services, how do you choose which one to use? Aptus can guide you in a few simple steps.  We will help you:

  1. Choose a type of conferencing service
  2. Decide whether to add business tools
  3. Evaluate your hardware
  4. Help with set-up

Free or not to free

You generally don’t need to pay for video conferencing services. You can find many free ones.  Free conferencing services are either trying to break into the market, or they are subsidized in another way.  Get started with the mainstream free services first.  Zoom has obviously made a name for itself, and it’s is easy to use on a trial basis while you decide if it’s right for you.

Business or pleasure

Video conferencing can take you to the next level in business.  But advanced business tools are really only beneficial when you have 3 or more people in the video conference room.  Some plans offer tools to record, save, and share video conferences.  If you need this feature, consider a business account.  Most of us just want the small, intimate meetings.  Take note of what the free providers allow.  Make a list of features before looking into conferencing services for businesses.

Hardware critical

Gone are the days of the USB camera attached to your computer.  Many devices have the camera built in.  The easiest device to use is your smart phone.  With this, you can video conference for free with no hitches.  Other methods include using social media devices meant for video conferencing (i.e. Portal by Facebook), tablets, notebooks, laptops and computers with built-in cameras.  Smart speakers and displays are a very simple way to facilitate video conferencing.  At Aptus, we’re particularly excited about these functional smart home automation devices. Once set up with an account, you simply access your camera to start the conference.

Set it up

Once you know what you want and have the right equipment, it’s time to set everything up.  Some devices – usually the ones with built-in conference features – are easier to establish than others.  Choosing the service is the hardest part.  For set-up, we will use a simple guided wizard to get you ready for your first conference on your device.

Ready to get started? If you need any assistance choosing, installing, setting up and learning more about video conferencing, reach out to or