April showers bring…a lot of water!

If you are like us, you’ve had some water damage because of these spring rains.  Personally I’ve had water damage 5 times for 5 different reasons in my current home.  Then I got smart and automated my home to alert me when water has entered the premise.  Here’s how

Smart Home automation has come a long way

After the first incident we purchased a physical, hardware, siren alarm sensor system.  That was nice but what if nobody is home and water is pouring in to the basement?  Well that happened when a pipe under a sink burst on our second level.  That water cascaded to the main level then on to the basement for further destruction.  That’s where smart home technology saves you tens of thousands of dollars…literally.

You can and will be able monitor your home remotely

A sensor or sensors can be placed all around your home and you’ll be notified to your connected device when a water alert occurs.  One system even allows for the water main to shut off when water is detected at the main or via the sensors around the house.  And like that, you’re smart home is now water tight…well not exactly but it will notify you when even a trace of water enters the thresh hold.

Make your home smart by putting these simple devices into place or allow Aptus to help you out.  We are essential and will work with you today to get these preventative measures in place.  www.aptuswi.com/schedule-service

www.nest.com will be the topic next up on Aptus.  See you then.

Photo by TheDigitalArtist