It’s overwhelming isn’t it? So many devices to choose from and, ironically enough, these items are supposed to make your life easier. Well once all set up (and we recommend using a professional installer like Aptus) your life can be made “smart” and simple.  Here’s are top suggestions for improving your Smart Home Health in 2020 and on to the next decade!

  1. Make sure your routers and hubs have the latest firmware and are running on “all cylinders”.  Router and hub maintenance is essential to allowing your home to continue to run “smart” and efficient. Like with exercising your brain, your routers and hubs need stimulation as well. Talk to us to give you the monthly requirements
  2. Turn on Two-Step verification for everything. It’s a pain at first but it can make a huge security wall for hackers and those attempting to get into your accounts. Keep your accounts secured using Two-Step verification everywhere you go.
  3. Don’t connect to open/unsecured networks. It’s tempting to grab that cup of coffee and login via the local unsecured network. This leaves you wide open for an attack.
  4. Set up “routines” in your technology ecosystem to allow events to occur automatically while you are on the run, out and about or at work. Let your home work for you. It can be terribly complex to get all smart things to speak to each other but there are many resources out there to assist you with the connections.
  5. Call a Pro to get security, sensors, cameras and smart garage doors installed. This is becoming a very common installation for companies like Aptus. Make sure the Pro is certified and obviously do your research and determine the best solution to create a relationship with the Pro as it can and will be a long, trusting relationship.

Put sensors everywhere! Water sensors can save you thousands of dollars and, put in the right place with the right monitoring system, your home can be saved. These sensors are pennies on the dollar compared to the repair bill you could be looking at. Sensors can also assist with knowing where your little ones are at. Use these tools to help you save money and organize your life.